Penthouse in town

Private, Brussels

Once upon a time there was an apartment without soul… Together with the clients,  we wrote together on this blank page. We created a mutual trust and exchange of ideas in order to make their future apartment a haven of purity and functionality. Like them, this solar couple wanted to increase the natural light. Now, the light crosses the apartment right through with a set of perspectives and partitions going from floor to ceiling, which blend into the walls and reflect the light thanks to the mirrors. The rationalisation of the space has been designed with custom-made furnitures eliminating the visible ones by increasing the storage capacity scattered around the new smart walls. The bench in the hall, the office table that appears and then disappears. The chromatic choice of white and black is balanced by the warmth of the wood used on the floor but also on the walls, which makes the whole look pure and warm. The culmination of a year of work, which despite the pitfalls overcome hand in hand with this extraordinary couple, was to me an amazing trip.

Before - after